Friday, June 14

How to Prepare for an Attorney Consultation

When you set out to prepare yourself for a legal battle, it’s important to hire the right attorney who has the legal experience for your specific case. You can arrange a free consultation at most law firms to determine the right attorney fit. You will receive limited legal advice during a consultation, but it’s a great way to get a feel for a law firm’s attorney-client relationship and the ability to fight for your legal rights.

Finding the Right Attorney

The first step in finding the right attorney is to search for a law firm based on your legal needs. Take the time to read online reviews and client testimonials. You can consider referrals but remember that your needs may differ from someone else’s. Once you do narrow down your choices, confirm that their practice area aligns with your case.


If you are fighting a personal injury case, you need the legal advice of a personal injury lawyer with experience dealing with insurance companies and fair compensation. The right choice is a law firm with years of experience in personal injury practice areas such as wrongful death, medical malpractice, car accidents, home abuse, and negligence.

Davis Kelin’s personal injury lawyers in Albuquerque are the right choice when you need representation for a personal injury, medical malpractice, or wrongful death case in New Mexico. The super lawyers work hard to win clients’ fair compensation for medical bills from serious injury and future medical expenses for catastrophic injuries. You deserve a personal injury attorney who delivers results while giving you personal attention.

Background Knowledge

Your free consultation is prime time to learn about the attorney’s background. As a potential paying client, you need to know what experience the attorney has and whether it is relevant to your case. You can read the basics on the law firm’s website before your consultation and use this information as a basis for further questions. Don’t be afraid to ask how many similar cases the attorney has represented, how many years of experience they have in their practice area, and their average verdict outcome.


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The Legal Plan

Get a clear picture of the attorney’s proposed legal plan and strategy for your case. Ask what outcome is expected, what kind of procedures you will go through, how long the case will take, and if they will attempt to settle out of the courtroom. Make sure that the attorney’s answers and strategy align with your goals and needs for the case.

Legal Fees

Be sure to discuss the attorney’s fees during the consultation. Legal fees can get complicated and expensive, especially if you have other lawyers or paralegals helping with your case who charge fees. It’s common for attorneys to ask for a retainer, and then bill at an hourly rate against the retainer. You’ll be responsible for paying any outstanding fees not covered by the retainer. Find how much of a retainer is required and request an estimated total fee. Some law firms offer payment plans or alternative payment options to help you meet your legal fees.


Preparing for a legal consultation starts by finding the right attorney. During your consultation get background knowledge about your attorney, discuss their legal plan for your case and ensure their strategy aligns with your needs, and discuss legal fees so that you don’t have any surprises later on.