Friday, June 14

Common Bathroom Problems With Easy Solutions

For some, a bathroom is more than just a toilet, sink, and shower. It can be an oasis for relaxing at the end of the day with a long soak or just for taking in steam for a minute. However, issues in your bathroom can strike at any time. While some issues may require the help of a plumber, there are some problems that you can tackle yourself with ease.

Slow Drainage


Plumbing problems can happen fast, so wherever you live, you’ll want to research plumbing repair in your area. You can start by typing “plumber in Albuquerque” to find the right technician for your issues. For example, homeowners may find that they are having trouble with drainage. Often, the pop-up that is used to stop up a sink can collect hair and lots of other gunk over time. All this debris needs to be cleaned out. You can use what’s referred to as a Zip-It, which is a handy plumbing tool that cleans out the drain. You can also remove the pop-up in the sink to clean it out. This can be done easily, as it just unscrews in most sinks.

A slow draining tub is another very common plumbing problem that can be easily be fixed by a homeowner. Often, the tub drain is full of hair, which slows the water from draining. You may have to remove the tub stopper as a first step toward getting the clogged hair out. It’s a good idea to clear out any gunk in the tub drain on a regular basis. If it is left too long, it could end up clogging the drain completely and create issues that require the help of an expert plumber.

Bathroom Upgrades


If you’re looking to go through the home-makeover process, you’ll want to find the right shower installation company for the amount of money you wish to spend and for the most seamless replacement of your current system. A professional service will work with you to make sure that their quality work is meeting your needs. Experienced technicians will make sure that your plumbing is up to code so that a new shower can be put in place without any problems rising up beyond just a clogged drain.

With a proper plumbing service, you can take care of any issues that will then let a shower installation company come in and give you the shower and bath of your dreams. With the right professional service, a new shower can be installed in a timely fashion that doesn’t take away from your daily routine. This installation service will make sure that a new system is installed to your complete satisfaction, working within a certain time of day to make sure your work and life schedule is uninterrupted.

Clogged Showerhead


If you notice that there are leaks coming from your fixtures or have found that the water pressure isn’t what it used to be, you may be dealing with a clogged showerhead. Mineral deposits that have formed inside the showerhead are obstructing water flow. The good news is that this issue doesn’t require the services of a plumber and can actually be resolved with a cheap, nontoxic solution with ingredients you might already have in your home.

First, fill a quart-sized plastic baggie halfway up with white vinegar. You can then lift the filled bag up and over the showerhead, submerging it, then secure the bag with a rubber band or twist tie. Let the showerhead soak for at least two hours, or overnight, then remove the bag and scrub around the holes with a soft brush. Your showerhead should be clean, and you should be good to get back to your usual routine.

With these tips, your bathroom can look new again!