Wednesday, April 17

What Can You Use Mobile Payments For?

With modern life becoming more and more mobile, variety in payment options are becoming critical to customer service and small businesses alike. Whether it’s because of a business model change due to the pandemic or just that you want to offer your customers more payment options, business owners who’ve already taken the leap know the value of offering mobile payments. If you’re a customer who loves to gamble, enjoys street fairs, book signings, or even just likes the option of paying for items through your phone, you understand, too.

The reality is that mobile payments are where the future’s heading and for good reason. If you’ve ever wondered what you can use mobile payments for, read on.



Need to pay a bill? Looking to buy some poker chips? Thinking about starting an online business? It’s easier than it sounds because of mobile payments.

Maybe you love poker and are looking for a platform banker that handles online gambling exclusively. A place like zimpler casino will be perfect for all your poker playing needs. Making it easier than ever to hit lady luck without stressing about your wallet, it’s mobile payment apps and banks like these that take the guesswork out of gambling payment methods.

Mobile payments are goods and sales transactions that run through apps you can download to your phone. Popular apps like Venmo and Paypal are already well known to the average consumer. Offering both convenience and easy access to things like balances with the simple swipe of your mobile phone, the more specific apps for niche’s like gambling and other hobbies are proving to be just as helpful as the bigger ones.

The best way to understand what the fuss is about is to try a mobile payment app out. You might be surprised to learn how versatile mobile payment apps can be. On top of being used to purchase products or services, they can also be used as a great option for online income and tracking business expenses. Providing a level of security you can’t get with your card at an in-person cashier counter, these apps are a good way to keep your accounts safe and close at hand.

The next time you visit the casino, use a mobile casino, or make a reservation at that luxury Airbnb, consider asking about mobile payment options, and you might just feel like you hit the jackpot.



Maybe you’re a food vender looking to plan a trip to NYC to sell breakfast bagels by the Staten Island ferry. For you, a mobile payment option might not only be necessary but a great way to keep business moving along. The best part about it is that you can move from Staten Island to another spot outside Rockefeller Center or the American Museum of Natural History in time for lunchtime hot dogs and won’t miss a beat.

The same way a casino site can keep spinning the roulette wheel, you’ll be able to move from one spot to the next with no concerns about money or how you’ll accept payments.

Book Signings


For years, indie and smaller authors without big publishing houses had to rely on pre-order book sales simply to sell signed books at signing events, but with mobile device payment options, it’s no longer a concern. Whether you go with Paypal or Apple Wallet, the average author or performer can easily sell merchandise on the road.

Whether you’re attending a signing where everyone’s wearing business casual dresses on the Lower East Side or in a more casual environment in Midtown near a coffee shop, customers will expect the option of mobile payments. While you’ll still want to bring real money for that old school customer, you’ll want to consider this trendier option for your special event. Everyone from those who own art galleries near Ellis Island to those with shops in walking distance to other New York City attractions is now rethinking how they take payments with this easy way of processing sales for only a small fee.

In the end, while no one can tell you how to conduct your business, anyone looking to meet customers where they’re at should consider mobile payment options. If you’re a first time mobile payment customer, you’ll want to know how these apps can be used for special offers and transfers too. In the end, you’ll likely find more winnings than you expected with mobile options.