Friday, June 14

Tops Reasons To Select a Ductless AC System

Over the past few years, homeowners have begun to learn the benefits of new technologies in air systems for their homes. Whether a new home, an existing structure, or a family looking to put their house on the real estate market; the many benefits of new air conditioners and heating systems have led to popularity in ductless alternatives to traditional, conventional HVAC units and furnaces. Here, we will look at just a few of the major reasons that ductless air conditioning is now attracting more homeowners in the U.S.

Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning


Ductless air conditioning has been a common method of cooling homes in Asia and Europe for the past decade but has only recently become a new standard within the United States. Many American homeowners are unaware of the alternative technology, but once introduced to the benefits and relatively simple installation, quickly make the switch. Sometimes referred to as a mini-split system, ductless units are exactly as described: a dependable AC unit that, unlike a traditional HVAC system, does not require normal ductwork or installation, thus creating an eye-pleasing central air function built for comfort and consistency year-round.

Unlike HVAC systems, this technology is made up of two main components, an indoor distributor (much like familiar central air systems) and an outdoor, or exterior, condenser unit known as a “compressor.” While there are refrigerant lines connecting the indoor and outdoor parts (one line to control the energy efficiency and the other to safely remove the condensation runoff associated with the air leaks and drafts from distributing cool air), the sleek design eliminates the clutter of conventional air conditioning indoor units. Because the unit is relatively simple to install, a ductless unit and its vents can be installed within only a day or so, and are less expensive than a traditional HVAC system. When it comes time to prepare your house for winter, the vents are designed for fewer drafts of cold air.

Of equal importance to homeowners, they also contain air filters used for natural purification, absorbing allergens, dust, germs, and other debris, circulating only healthy air within the house, making their design ideal for a family’s comfort and safety. By cutting the cost of running a conventional air conditioning system by about a third, ductless systems are also an effortless way to lower the monthly energy bill.

Is ductless air conditioning right for you?


If given the option by their designer, many new homeowners are drawn to a ductless air conditioning system due also to the aesthetically-pleasing, modern look of the unit. While conventional AC systems can have large vents and are easily noticed throughout the living space, this new method of pumping cool air throughout the home is only about seven inches wide and have a sleek exterior design. A ductless system can be made to hang at any point on a wall or can be suspended or mounted from a drop ceiling, much like a ceiling fan, only much smaller.

Without a need for a traditional thermostat, ductless units come with remote control, making their function even more modern and user-friendly. Because the remote control allows installation in even the most hard-to-reach areas of a home, you can consider more creative ways to use ductless air conditioning systems depending on the room in which it’s located.

When considering if a ductless air conditioning unit is right for you and your family, keep in mind that many professional HVAC technicians are becoming more and more familiar with the technology, so servicing (while not as commonly needed as an older AC unit) is easy to find. Also on the plus side, in an effort to further popularize the ductless method for its environmental benefits, many utility providers offer rebates and other incentives for ductless installation.