Friday, June 14

Top Three Tools to Consider to Help Your Company Win

If you’ve successfully gotten your own business up and running, then you’ve already accomplished one of the hardest things that most people will do in their lives. Of course, going from the planning stage to your big opening is just one step on the road to long-lasting success. To really help your company win, you’ll need to stabilize the company and help it grow. This can be an even bigger challenge than getting set up in the first place, considering that only about 30% of businesses survive past their first ten years.

This isn’t meant to discourage you as a business owner. This statistic is just to help you understand how much work goes into turning a company into a big player in its industry. You’re going to need all the advantages you can get, so here are three great tools that can help you go from a small business owner to the CEO of a large organization.

1. Scalable Networking Solutions


In a world ruled by big data where digital transformations are simply a normal part of doing business, you’ll be left behind if your network technology isn’t up to par. You don’t just need to prepare for the present—your solutions need to be scalable so that you can prepare for the future as well. This doesn’t just mean that you need enterprise internet speeds through fiber-optic connections or a better internet gateway, either. You’ll also need some high-end networking equipment, like the latest router models, cameras, and other new devices with Bluetooth capability.

Sil Micro offers devices supported by major providers like Cisco, MikroTik, Tycon, and Mimosa with the latest updates for low prices. They can also ship most items within 24 hours. These aren’t just routers and split cables, either. Check out, and you can even find new products like the latest VoIP phone, so you can always reach sales leads without issue. Obtaining scalable solutions now at a low cost makes it that much easier for your company to grow into expanding roles in the future.

2. Statement Mailing Services


Every business needs to mail large amounts of critical documents every day, and having a single solution for all your printing and mailing needs can greatly simplify your workflow. With invoice mailing services, you can use a simple website to design your own professional invoices and print them on multiple paper options. Return envelopes are included so that you can expect faster returns on your payments.

These are good for all kinds of billing statements as well, regardless of the level of confidentiality required. With a HIPAA-certified solution, you can even send patient statements in the mail. Great document design can even help with your marketing campaigns. You may have thought snail mail was dead for marketing purposes, but these days, the personal touch of a newsletter can be a great way to show sales leads that you’re interested in helping them.

3. Customer Relationship Management


You have no greater resource than your customers, and providing them with exceptional service can be the deciding factor in your company’s favor, even if you can’t offer the best prices. That’s why your contact center needs to be equipped with a modern CRM system.

A good CRM solution can give you a huge advantage when it comes to customer support. For starters, you give customers the convenience of contacting your agents via digital channels rather than just voice calls. This means that customers can reach you via text, SMS, a mobile app, or whatever is most convenient for them. You’ll also be able to automatically record and analyze customer data, making it easy to make special offers to your best customers and even predict future customer needs. Providing excellent services powered by a scalable network is the best way to rise to the top.