Sunday, May 26

How to Throw a Socially Distanced Party

Hosting a party these days can be a daunting task. You may be worried about others getting sick or catching the virus yourself. Months of isolation have left us all feeling lonely and anxious to gather again with friends and family. Social loneliness can lead to increased rates of depression and anxiety, which is why it is vital to still create fun ways to interact with loved ones. Meaningful communication with others in a group setting is beneficial to your mental health, and by sticking to a few simple guidelines you can still throw that annual holiday party safely.

Whether it’s an 18th birthday or a 50th birthday, here are some essentials for planning a successful socially distanced gathering for any occasion.

Dress up.


Distract your guests from all the safety precautions and get them talking about your ensemble with some sparkling statement pieces. Accessorize your outfit with a stunning pair of stud earrings from Kendra Scott designs. Scott’s website allows you to browse hundreds of different types of jewelry—from gold or sterling silver necklaces to bracelets, rings, and earrings. You can also personalize your goodie bags with custom-designed jewelry gift sets for your guests. Include a personal charm or thoughtful engraving for your party goer’s pieces, showing your guests you recognize their unique style and get them feeling shiny for the rest of the night.

Get creative.


Get creative by donning a funky party outfit. Ensure optimal comfort for a night of socially distanced dancing with friends with a practical outfit and bra that will keep you comfy all evening long. Choose from a wide range of bras and beautifully designed lace undergarments from a cup size of AA to a DDD bra with underwire and more. Take advantage of free shipping options and an easy return policy so you can mix and match with as many pieces as you like before the big day. If it’s a pool party theme, you can also choose from a stylish selection of swimsuits and coverups that will get your guests inquiring.

What may lack in traditional party etiquette you can still make up for in decor, goodie bags, and games with a creative theme party. Decorate your backyard in a way that will put everyone in a good mood, like an 80s theme party including disco lights and upbeat music everyone can groove to safely six feet apart. You can find a variety of retro 80s party supplies like decorations with neon colors or leg warmers for your guests’ costumes from easy to navigate e-commerce sellers like Etsy.

Take precautions.


Have your party outside where the rate of transmission is lower and guests can freely move around at a distance from one another. Stay up to date with your state’s local laws regarding gatherings up to a certain about of people and seat your tables and chairs at least six feet apart from one another. You can make mask-wearing fun by having a custom mask-making station where people can personalize their own with paints or embroidery. Ensure that there is an easily accessible bathroom and encourage your guests to wash and sanitize their hands often. Instead of buffet-style food service, consider having your food served individually as a meal or make it BYOB and give guests the option of bringing their own food and drinks. Use disposable glasses, utensils, and plates that your guests can label as their own to ensure avoiding any points of common contact.

Go virtual.


Throwing a party online may seem less personal but it overall will ensure the most safety for your guests. The latest version of applications such as Zoom or Skype lets you communicate face to face with groups of people all over the world and gives you the option to invite as many people as you want. There is a multitude of virtual game ideas you can introduce that will get your friends acting, guessing, and dancing from the comfort of their own home. Motivate everyone to get out of their sweatpants and put on some animal prints or Michael Jackson style fingerless gloves. Establish a fun dress code or a signature cocktail they can make on their own. You can still give your party a theme by getting creative with backgrounds and filters. Share a song playlist with your guests and have them all contribute with their favorites.

It may not be easy to have a socially distanced party, but don’t let that deter you! You may end up having a better experience than you expected.