Friday, June 14

Got a Knack for Technology? Consider These Careers

Technology reigns deep in the world today. Be it a mobile phone or a computer, we just can’t get away from it. What’s more, recent years have seen virtual technologies disrupting almost everything from the workspace to our homes. The next decade even comes with far more sophistication, which is predicted to make life better.

For tech enthusiasts, the future will always be promising. However, you can move beyond being just an enthusiast in the tech world to actively pushing the limits. Consider these careers if you have got a knack for technology.

Network Engineer


Network engineering involves planning, constructing, and managing networks to ensure they’re optimized and functioning. Today, almost every business has a network that fuels it. From routers to computer networks like the Wide Area Network (WAN) and Local Area Network LAN). Company needs vary along with the expectations for network administrators. Some companies may opt only for professionals with a specialization that suits their specific needs.

According to Linkedin’s Emerging Jobs Report, the future of network engineering is even far more promising than the present. By 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the sector to grow by six percent. So enrolling in a network engineering program can never be a miss.

Mobile Phone Technician

Today, countries all over the world are experiencing a consistent rise in mobile phone proliferation. As a mobile phone technician, that means high demand for cell phone repair services. With every new phone purchased, the likelihood to ever go out of business diminishes. However, the mobile phone technician’s job is getting more sophisticated as smartphone companies advance in new technology.

Nowadays, fixing a cracked screen and other basic jobs aren’t all there is for a repairer. As folding and rolling screens dominate the prospect of future smartphones, even screen replacements might require more than basic technical skills. Generally, modern phones, especially Samsung and iPhone, have modern problems and require highly specialized technicians. You can make an entire career out of being a specialized expert like this company that specializes in Samsung repair in Honolulu.

Database Analyst

The essence of data in today’s information technology world can’t be overemphasized. Small businesses need data as much as giant corporations. The popularity of good data management goes hand in hand with the rising demand for database analysts.

A database analyst, also known as a data administrator, manages a company’s data center and its data efforts.

With the help of complex software, database analysts are responsible for building data-driven companies. Database analysts store and process vital and sensitive data like a company’s financial information, a hospital’s health records, etc. They often work with complex systems where a simple mistake may lead to grave effects.

Companies may require critical levels of experience and competence before hiring a database analyst. So, you need to ensure you’re up to date with all the trends and regulations by the numerous data organizations in the world today. Even if you have great coding and computer skills, you may consider getting a certificate to prove you’re abreast with the times.

Software Quality Assurance Engineer


Government regulators are going hard on companies using technology to exploit customers. The gradual increase in such cases has heightened the need for service accountability and consumer protection. For companies well advanced on their digital journeys, they know best not to compromise on their quality.

Software quality assurance (SQA) engineers are responsible for monitoring the entire software development process. They also help to identify areas or features that may require quality checks and ensure adherence to ethics. Depending on how extensively a company relies on software, an SQA engineer may either be a permanent staff or a freelance working part-time. For tech geeks with a keen interest in software development, an SQA engineer can be a good career path.