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Best Resources for Crime Scene Cleanup

Cleaning household dirt is a common task, but cleaning a crime scene is a rare occurrence for most people. Crime scenes are unpleasant. You may find it traumatic to sweep up broken glass after a thief breaks into your home because it reminds you someone invaded your personal space. You may also find it challenging to clean up fingerprint powder after the police have processed the scene. You may not have the cleaning supplies and equipment required to clean up a biohazard scene.

Whether you need to clean a home, office, outdoor area, or vehicle following a crime, you can simplify the crime scene cleanup by hiring professional crime scene cleaners. Expert crime scene cleaners have the tools and resources needed to handle various crime scenes. Let’s look at the services crime scene companies offer and how you benefit from hiring professionals.

What do crime scene cleaners do?

Crime scene cleanup companies provide crime scene cleaning and other services, such as biohazard cleaning, suicide cleanup, and hoarding cleanup. These cleaning experts help homeowners through a problematic situation in the wake of a crime or unattended death by restoring the scene to its original condition.

When you need crime scene cleanup in Denver, CO, hire a local cleanup team with the values required to handle crime scenes with sensitivity and compassion. Professional crime scene cleaners will come equipped with the tools and resources required to get the job done so property owners won’t have to hear excuses about delays. Expert crime scene cleaners are empathetic and understand homeowners are coping with a traumatic event. They approach clients with compassion and sensitivity. These cleaners prioritize safety, ensuring the scene’s safe for future use.

Although crime scene cleaners may prioritize handling crime scenes, these cleaners may also provide unattended death cleanup. Suppose an older person lived alone and passed away. In this case, it may be days before someone missed them and the degree of decomposition pose challenges for cleaners. Cleaners may need to remove odors and biohazard materials from the scene. Crime scene cleaners have custom equipment and hospital-grade cleaners, ensuring they can provide comprehensive remediation services.

How can you find a professional crime scene cleanup service?


Business owners and homeowners need to clean up after the police release the scene. First, ensure you’re authorized to begin cleanup. Police secure the scene of the crime to prevent evidence from being lost or contaminated. When the scene has been fully processed, the police will release the scene, allowing property owners to return.

Law enforcement officers may recommend local crime scene cleaners you can contact. You can also find the names of reputable companies, such as Valor Technical Cleaning, from news articles and web searches. Although you may not be familiar with all the biohazards at the scene of a crime or the types of cleaning tasks involved in restoring a property to its original condition, you should hire a cleanup crew that’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certified. OSHA-certified businesses comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act and meet the operational standards established by OSHA.

Who pays for crime scene cleanup?


Homeowners are responsible for the costs of cleaning up the scene of a crime. Homeowners’ insurance may cover these costs, enabling homeowners to address their cleaning needs promptly without worrying about financing.

Determining financial responsibility may be more tricky if you’re a business owner who’s dealing with a crime that occurred in your business. You may be responsible for the costs of cleanup. Suppose you rent your business space. In that case, your landlord may be responsible for the costs. Your rental contract may determine who must pay for the cleaning services required. Business insurance may also cover the expenses.

Your auto insurance policy might cover the cost of cleaning if your vehicle was at the scene of a crime. Check your policies to ensure you use coverage for these costs to reduce your financial burden after a crime.

Crime scene cleanup companies offer comprehensive cleaning services. Whether you’re dealing with the scene of a homicide or an unattended death, crime scene cleanup companies employ qualified cleaning experts who’ll remove biohazards and restore your property after a crime.