Wednesday, April 17

A Guide to Dividend ETFs in Canada

Canadian ETFs are a fantastic opportunity for both new investors and those who have been trading for many years. An ETF, or Exchange Trade Fund, is simply an index of a particular market sector or mix of stocks that fit in with a preset list of rules and regulations. ETFs are a great way to bundle investment options in order to mitigate risks over the long term.

Finding the right ETF might seem like a daunting task, as there are literally thousands of them out there, so picking one that fits in with your needs, plans, and social themes can seem like a huge endeavor. The truth is that many ETFs offer the same generalized portfolio options, so picking a fund is more about the fund manager and fees than the actual holdings in the portfolio.

Finding the right ETF requires an inward focus. By thinking about your own needs, you can select a great partner that will help you grow your portfolio and wealth over the long term with ease. Continue reading to discover how you can add ETFs to your holdings and earn great dividends in the process.

ETFs combine all the best parts of stock investing into one single asset class.


The strength of the stock market is in its aggregated value. Individual companies can generate great returns for their business and shareholders, but the fate of many huge corporations still has ended with the liquidation and descent into obscurity. There are no guarantees in the world of business, but the market as a total composite offers a slightly different story. There will always be some form of corporate industry in our world, as consumers rely on a vast network of trade that occurs both on a micro and macro scale. Because of this, an individual company might perish, but the market need for the goods or services that the company provided will likely remain. This means that another brand is likely to rise to the demand and provide a more efficient, cost-effective, or powerful option that consumers will line up to bring into their lives.

Investing in dividend ETFs in Canada offers you the ability to buy into the market as a whole rather than in individual companies. With this approach, hedging your investments against low earnings or even the threat of corporate bankruptcy is simply a built-in consideration that you won’t ever have to worry about. An ETF bundles all the companies that you might want to invest in on your own, giving you a stake in hundreds or even thousands of commodities with a single investment.

Dividends are a great way to continue boosting value over the long term.


A great many ETFs provide dividends to their shareholders. A dividend is simply a payout from the profits and often happens quarterly, although it can be allocated in a number of different ways depending on the standard procedures of the ETF you’ve chosen to buy into. Purchasing shares of a dividend-focused ETF gives you a great resource for growth in the number of shares that you own, or a siphon with which you can extract value without selling your assets for use in the consumer marketplace. Leveraging dividends to pay bills is a great way to utilize your investments for things that come about in the course of everyday life.

The truth is that almost no professional money manager can beat the market over the long term, so investing in the market itself is perhaps the best way to ensure that you are taking full advantage of the growth opportunities that it provides to traders.

Invest in a dividend ETF now to enjoy stability long into the future.