Friday, June 14

3 Jobs for People Who Work Best With Their Hands

Many people used to work with their hands back in the day. By working with their hands, we’re referring to those professionals who got busy making beautiful things out of the little raw material they had. From cabinetry to interior design, people in such professions were always ready to roll up their sleeves and get dirty. Now, we don’t see as many people who are opting for such jobs. The architect, plumber, general contractor, and homeowner have slowly been sent to the background, with jobs in areas like tech picking up.

What if you still have the desire to make use of your hands? Well, there’s great news for you. Here, we highlight some jobs for people like you, and the best part is, they don’t always need advanced academic degrees to obtain.

1. Blacksmith


Someone might refer to a blacksmith as a thermal arc welder, and they’ll be correct. Believe it or not, the blacksmith or welder was highly valued in communities. This was large because they exhibited skills that showed their decades of experience. They design everything imaginable, from the highest-quality shower head to horseshoes and nails. They’re an important part of every successful construction team, offering their services for every remodel and original project.

To be a blacksmith, you don’t really need a degree, but an apprenticeship will help. This offers you a lot of skills that many schools can’t. However, some schools offer blacksmithing classes and training sessions that give you a practical edge. These sessions take you through bathroom projects, fixture finishes, and many more at a fair price.

2. Remodel Expert

This can be for a home or a set of companies, and most often, it’ll require an expansive team. The remodeling industry is high in demand because most people choose to purchase already-built properties instead of building from scratch. With such choices comes the need to redesign and rearrange the old space to meet their needs and preferences. As a remodeling expert, you must offer services covering bathroom remodels, tile and floor finishes, cabinet and countertop remodels, and more.

There are many remodel experts all around and depending on your location, you’ll come across quite a number who can fulfill your needs. Popular areas where such experts are in high demand include Chicago, St. Petersburg, Paris, and London. If you’re looking for the best bathroom remodeling companies in St. Petersburg, you’ll have many options on the table. In particular, CMK Construction can provide the remodeling services you need to make your bathroom look beautiful and modern.

3. Carpenter


The last on our list, but a top-notch profession nonetheless, is the carpenter. Carpenters do so much, and yet we seem to take them for granted. From acting as a subcontractor to a bathroom renovator, the carpenter deals with your furniture, cabinet installations, roofs, walls, and tubs. They always start with wood measured and shaped into different forms before it’s assembled and brought to life in the final product.

A carpenter is similar to a blacksmith in that they don’t require any formal certification but rather undergo some form of skill training on the job. You can be a carpenter for just about any product; for example, a shower conversion, bath remodel, or a piece of furniture. However, always ensure that you’re offering customers a fair price, which helps differentiate you from other competing carpenters.

One can do thousands of jobs when they’re good with their hands; you only need to look. Find all your options and venture into those you are interested in. You’ll be surprised by all the benefits waiting on the other side.